Custom-made apps

We develop our own platforms and applications for market research: for data collection, analysis and presentation or monitoring of results. We use them ourselves, we can tailor them to a specific project, integrate them into our clients’ systems and offer them as SaaS.


Echonity is a modern qualitative research environment for moderated discussion forums, online communities, consumer diaries, blogs and polls usable also for brand tests, concept tests, customer journey and satisfaction research or ethnographic studies.

  • Surveys are easy to run and manage
  • The environment is modern, attractive and intuitive to use
  • Gamification elements stimulate user activity
  • Automatic rewards for respondents
  • Connection to the client system (single sign-on)
  • Echonity supports 9 languages
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Boardia is a variable visualisation tool for the presentation of research results, ideal for tracking or robust projects. It allows you to clearly display analyses, graphs or data and quickly respond to current results.

  • All data at your fingertips and clearly displayed in easily configurable dashboards
  • Immediate reporting and notifications, data exports
  • Accessibility on all devices – on the computer, tablet or mobile phone
  • Connection to client systems and automatic data import
  • Data security, GDPR compliance
  • Hierarchical user access for different levels of management
  • Automatic text coding and evaluation by artificial intelligence
  • Reporting in multiple languages
Monitor, dashboard v aplikaci NAVI.


We offer our own advanced tool for creating online questionnaires and collecting data through CAWI.

  • Fully responsive web design, works on mobile, tablet and desktop. Handles temporary loss of internet connection e.g. in case of weak mobile signal
  • Easy creation and editing of questionnaires with a comments option
  • Wide range of question types and assignments
  • Possibility to connect other systems via API
  • Tracking of research progress
  • Sophisticated system of personalised invitations to the survey
  • Wide range of customization options for the client and the project, including integration of questionnaires into another website
  • Security of questionnairesagainst unwanted activities. Tested visuals and videos are protected against copying. Questionnaires cannot be completed repeatedly
  • Protection of collected data against misuse
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