Address the customer experience holistically

With our CX 360 platform, you manage the customer experience with ease but with robust data; across channels yet from one place. Its individual tools can also be used independently.

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Mystery Shopping

See your services across all touchpoints through the eyes of the customer. We’ll provide an authentic experience of how your branches are performing and where something is slipping in the customer journey so you can respond immediately, take action, validate how the staff is performing and reward them. Find out more at our site solely dedicated to Mystery Shopping.

Audit Checklist

Let your employees perform internal audits using a smart phone app, without forms and spreadsheets. Immediately see the results and analysis of internal standards compliance in a clear dashboard.

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ASAP Feedback

Get customer and employee experience evaluation immediately to quickly respond to serious issues, optimize processes and improve efficiency. We provide automated data imports, worldwide measurement, reporting in multiple languages and feeding of outputs back to your systems. Find out more at our site dedicated to ASAP Feedback.

Online Reviews Monitoring

Use data from online reviews of your own and competitors’ products to your advantage. Our researches confirm strong correlation of reviews with continuously measured NPS and we know that 84% of customers read them, 77% have written one and 95% are interested in your reactions to them. Use them as a communication channel and collect insights.

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Multichannel Check

Keep track of the information your customers get about you online and keep it up to date.

Data Integration

Gain insights for your decision-making by merging internal business and customer data with research results or set performance goals. Verify that the measures in place are supporting customer behaviour – are they spending more, staying longer, recommending you? Are you achieving your goals – growing your market share and profitability? You’ll find it all in one place.

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Client Service Manager
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Exploit the full potential of your brand

Ensure the growth of your brand with tools of Brand 360 – whether it’s an established or a new brand. From identifying your target audience and ideal positioning to measuring ad and brand performance over time. You will get clear results and recommendations.

Market Segmentation

Segmenting your target group allows you to tailor your products or services, target your communication, fine-tune its content and use your marketing resources more effectively. We will describe each group in detail in terms of socio-demographic profile, behaviour, experiences and needs, and personify their typical representative.

Brand Positioning

Have your brand’s market positioningmeasured, including an analysis of the main competitors, or map the opportunities and find a place for a new brand. With a combination of tools that focus on subconscious, conscious and emotional perception of a brand you’ll discover how the target group really sees the brand and why they prefer specific brands. We will compare the results with benchmarks and advise you on which brand strengths and weaknesses to use to your advantage.

Brand Tracking

Measure brand performance and the effect of marketingon key performance indicators and brand image over time. We will recommend a suitable frequency and adjust the reporting tools to meet your needs. In each wave of measurement, we will assess the brand’s progress, new opportunities and threats, including a detailed description of each brand’s perception and their relationship to each other.

Communication Test + Tracking

Verify or continuously map the effectiveness and evaluation of your and your competitors’ spots – how many customers saw the ad, what they remembered from it, and how they felt about it. Find out how your communication is performing compared to your competitors. We’ll recommend appropriate adjustments and best practices based on the category and intent of the communication. When providing media data, we will also analyse the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of spend or GRP.

Veronika Hřebenářová

Client Service Manager
Prague, Czech Republic
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Sell effectively with aid of our tools

Use our retail research platform tools to cover all crucial elements of the buying process and sell much more to more customers.

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Customer behaviour

Find out who your customers are, how they live and how it impacts their buying behaviour. How do they make decisions when choosing stores and when shopping? Catch emerging trends. We’ll map out what attracts customers to your stores and what deters them. And we’ll divide them into segments that you can use to set your strategies.

Store / e-shop check

Let us show you how your customers like the store. How do they rate your shelves, counters, checkouts, bakery boxes and vegetable displays compared to your competitors. How customers like the layout of the shopping area. Whether in reality (with eye-tracking if necessary) or through VR technology. Can you create the right Christmas atmosphere? Do customers feel safe in your store from a hygiene perspective?
How does your website look visually? Do your customers find their way around it? Do you have an intuitive layout of categories and the overall flow of the e-shop? Can your store inspire and facilitate shopping?

Product and offer evaluation

Find out how customers perceive your offer – are they missing some popular products or brands, are discounted goods often sold out, do they always find the important things or even something extra? What is the quality of the goods (under private labels), does the food look fresh?
Are you interested in specific products? Make use of our eye-tracking technology to find out whether customers notice them on the shelf. We’ll tell you what impression their packaging makes or how consumers like them compared to benchmarks.

Pricing guide

Get the pricing right for your target group. Find out how customers perceive your store compared to competitors in terms of price and value for money. Check upcoming price changes and possible customer reaction, how you set promotional prices and how you communicate them.

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Customer service

Make your customers happy to come back to you with more helpful, friendly and capable staff than your competitors, short checkout queues and a well set up loyalty programme. Are opening hours convenient, do customers have enough parking spaces? Do you handle complaints effectively? Find potential problems and fix them.

Communication test

Test with us the impact and effectiveness of all communications from print, TV and radio, social to POS materials and CSR activities. We use the tools best suited to the specific brief, including eye-tracking.

Brand audit

A brand deserves a stand-alone focus and its own set of research tools. Find out how customers perceive your brand on a conscious, subconscious and emotional level. What is its positioning, what attributes they assign to it, and how to work with it.

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Client Service Manager
Prague, Czech Republic
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Optimise the performance of your products

We will help you at every stage of the product lifecycle – from the first idea, through launch and maturity to further innovation – using our sophisticated system of facilitation, exploration, testing and measurement.

Needs Exploration

We will find out who your (potential) consumers and clients are, what their profile is and help you understand their behaviour, habits, lifestyle and media consumption. And especially – what are their unmet needs that are waiting for your product or innovation.

Concept Ideation

We will stimulate new ideas and help you design a new product or innovate an existing one. Connect your creative potential, user experiences and needs, ideas from designers and product managers with our data and insights and design a concept for a new product or service during our creative workshops.

Concept & Product Test

Test the innovation potential with your target group and fine-tune the product to perfection with us. Whether you have a prototype or a finished product on the market whose performance you want to improve, we’ll have real people from the target group test it and tell you how they use it, how they relate to it , how satisfied they are with its use and which parameters to improve. We will determine for you the price sensitivity, high, optimal and low price levels and the dynamics of the price curve.

Communication Test

Fine-tune your product’s image and emotional imprint with us through our brand research platform and test all communication with us: communication concepts, moodboards, visuals, through TV and radio spots, social communication to POS materials and CSR activities. We use the tools best suited to the specific assignment, including eye-tracking.

Retail in Detail

Use our retail research platform tools to cover all elements of the buying process and sell more of your products to more customers.

Performance Tracking

Plan the growth of your product and track its performance over time. Estimate the business potential of your product or service – the interest of your target audience and the likelihood of acquisition over time, so you can prepare scenarios for your business plans. We will track changes in product or service ratings and communication performance for you over time.

Veronika Hřebenářová

Client Service Manager
Prague, Czech Republic
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Keep up with Czech society

Whether you need an analysis of the needs of residents and voters, an overview of attitudes to any topic, a communication test, measuring the electoral potential of a political entity, or information for articles, we will propose an optimal combination of data collection methods, e.g. a regular Omnibus NMS survey or qualitative tools, we will deliver high-quality interpreted data and we will suggest appropriate adjustments and best practices in relation to your goals.


Find out what is the profile of your audience, what are their preferences or what is the potential of your target group. We will help you test new media formats, get feedback on your content, but also analyze the competition. We measure public opinion and provide robust data for journalistic work.

Non-profit sector and think tanks

We help non-profit organizations, think tanks, and watchdog institutions to understand public opinion in their areas of interest, by mapping the problem and describing the current situation in the context of society. Find out what the activation potential of your topic is and how to communicate it. Understand who your existing and potential donors are and how to reach them.

Responsible brands

Work on Corporate Social Responsibility with our help and give your brand an edge. Find out what non-business topics are important to the public or employees in relation to your company, how to approach them and how to communicate them.

Municipalities, authorities, public institutions

Whether the subject of the research is the exploration of initiatives to improve the quality of life, obtaining feedback on the activities of the authorities, or, for example, the efficiency of public services, our goal is always to connect state institutions with the public and its opinion and to support data-driven policy-making.

Political parties

Who are your current and potential voters and how to reach them? How does your political entity compare to the competition? How does society perceive the personalities, the program, but also the brand of the political party? Discover and analyze with us the topics that really resonate, get robust data for the election program and communication towards the public, but also methodically accurate pre-election research and valuable feedback on the activities of politicians.

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