About the agency

Through offices in Prague, Bratislava, Budapest and Bangkok, together with partner agencies, we research virtually all over the world. Our goal is the same everywhere: to help our clients navigate the market, understand their customers, see the world in context, and grow and break down boundaries together.

Our agency was founded in 1999 by a group of friends who combined their passion for sociology and information technology in a small office in Prague’s Smíchov district between college lectures and began to pursue market research based on innovation and new approaches.

Gradually we grew into a company with a 4-million-euro turnover, sixty employees, global platforms in dozens of language adaptations. From our original small office in Smíchov, we took a detour through a villa in Ořechovka to our own apartment building made into offices, where, in addition to generous studios for qualitative research we have facilities for both work and play.

Who we are

We are creative professionals who enjoy working on meaningful projects and pushing market research forward.


Ondřej Veis
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Ondřej Veis 
Managing Director

Ondřej founded NMS together with Honza Bernard, and since then he has steered it with a more or less firm hand in the direction best expressed by his favorite advice: nothing is dogma and the sky's the limit.

Client Service

Kamil Kunc
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Kamil Kunc 
Client Service Director

Kamil's team combines the skills of questioning and listening with knowledge of the craft of marketing research, business, analysis, data interpretation and project management. They strive to ensure that the results always make sense to clients. #never_stop_making_sense

Monika Bílková 
Client Service Manager
Stanislav Radocha 
Client Service Manager
Veronika Hřebenářová 
Client Service Manager
Kristýna Kremličková 
Client Service Executive
Tereza Friedrichová 
Quantitative Research Executive
Kristýna Háčková
Quantitative Research Executive
Eva Waldaufová
Kristýna Karešová
Prokop Vejda

Research & Development

Jana Svobodová
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Jana Svobodová 
Research & Development Director

Jana is the engine of our innovation and business development. She is in charge of development of new research methods, technologies and our platforms for data collection, analysis and presentation of results.

Customer Experience

Iveta Rossová
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Iveta Rossová 
Client Service Manager

Iveta's team specializes in customer experience and provides clients with answers to what their customers are most passionate about, where they are stuck on their journey or how to set up the service offer the best. And how else than ASAP with our ASAP feedback platform.

Data Analytics

Luděk Rambousek
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Luděk Rambousek 
Head of Quantitative Research

Our analysts turn raw data into meaningful insights that they clearly visualize and create informative and easy-to-digest research reports.

Jiří Votinský 
Quantitative Research Specialist
Antonín Elgr
Quantitative Research Specialist
Petr Chlubna
Quantitative Research Executive
Alice Bémová
Kristina Vlková
Profilová firemní fotografie analytika Marka Pecky
Marek Pecka


Petr Dráb
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Petr Dráb
Head of Field

Thanks to Peter and his team, we only work with quality data and we can find the right respondents from various target groups for any collection method.

Iva Odstrčilová 
Fieldwork Specialist
Pavla Vohnoutová
Fieldwork Specialist
Lukáš Pokorný 
Fieldwork Executive
Simona Mazanová
Petra Strunečková

IT & Software Development

Jan Bernard
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Jan Bernard 
Head of IT

Jan's team builds and continues to improve our great market research apps and makes sure all our technology works flawlessly.

Ondřej Dolejš
IT Specialist
Jiří Háček 
IT Specialist
Martin Jirásek 
IT Specialist
Jiří Logr 
IT Specialist
Vladimír Mlázovský 
IT Specialist
Šárka Matošíková
IT Specialist
Michael Kurdík
Ondřej Kubala
Jan Potenec

Back Office

Renata Valentová
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Renata Valentová 
Head of Finance

Renata holds the finance of NMS and, together with the Back Office team, takes care of the well-being of the entire company.

Uhlíř Ladislav
Uhlíř Ladislav
Lucie Režná 
HR manager
Vendula Dulová

Tailor-made research

The independence and development of our own applications, which we know down to the last line of code, allows us to respond flexibly to our clients’ needs and create custom-made solutions.

Get to know our technologies

Quality guarantee

We have an extensive network of interviewers, co-own the largest online panels in Central Europe and a panel in Southeast Asia, apply the experience we have gained over more than 20 years in the market, and look for new ways to use virtual reality, artificial intelligence and other technologies to benefit our clients.

We contribute to the development of our industry. We are active members of the professional organisations ESOMAR, SIMAR, SAVA and MSPA and define and adhere to strict quality standards.

Social Responsibility

We support Lata, a civic association that works with young people and helps them in difficult situations, and Post Bellum, a non-profit organisation dedicated to recording and archiving the memories of witnesses of important historical events.

Although we have a blue logo, we are a green company.